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Which is the "best" bedside crib?

The world's best bedside crib - the Alora Bedside Crib

The world's "best" bedside crib?!?

When new parents start researching bedside cribs, there’s always a lot of discussion about which bedside crib is the “best” - which is a great and important thing, given how significant this item is for your new baby in their vital first months of life. 

Of course, as usual, what’s ‘best’ depends entirely on what you’re looking for. This page is designed to give you a quick overview of all the things new parents might be looking for when shopping for a bedside crib - and to explain exactly what the Alora Bedside Crib is best for.

Safety should never be in question

One of the nice things when deciding which bedside crib is best for you and your baby is that, so long as a crib complies with the key design standards in your country (in the UK that’s BS EN 16890, 1130 and 7177), you will know that safety should never be one of the things in question. Always check that the crib you’re looking at complies with these critical safety standards.

What does “best” mean to you?

We did some thinking in the Alora office and came up with a list of all the things bedside-crib-shoppers might consider “most important” (excluding safety, which is of course always #1) when thinking about buying a bedside crib:

Mattress firmness and breathability

The world's best bedside crib - the Alora Bedside Crib
Mattresses can be made of completely natural materials like coconut and lambswool - like the Alora Mattress

The right firmness of mattress will provide essential support for your baby's developing bones, and maximise their safety.

Breathability is crucial to ensure proper airflow around your baby, helping to regulate their body temperature and reduce the risk of overheating.

Natural materials will ensure your baby isn’t exposed to nasty toxins in their first days of life. Parents seeking the “best” bedside crib will look for breathable materials and adequate ventilation, promoting a comfortable & safe sleep environment for their little one. 

Quality of build/design

A well-constructed crib not only ensures durability but also enhances safety, offering a major dose of peace-of-mind to new parents (which can be priceless!).

The “best” bedside crib in this category will certainly include sturdy materials, secure fastenings, and smooth edges to minimise the risk of accidents or injuries.

Moreover, thoughtful design features can greatly enhance usability and convenience, making nighttime routines smoother for both you and your baby. 

The world's best bedside crib - the Alora Bedside Crib
Good quality materials are the first stop when it comes to a bedside crib that just "works"

Ease of cleaning

Ease of cleaning is another crucial factor to consider when assessing a bedside crib for your new baby.

Babies are messy by nature (don’t we just know it!), so having a crib that is easy to clean can greatly simplify your daily routine.

Look for cribs and mattresses with removable, washable covers, as well as smooth surfaces that can be wiped down quickly with a damp cloth. Avoid cribs with overly intricate designs or hard-to-reach crevices that can trap dirt and bacteria, as these can be challenging to clean thoroughly.

Prioritising ease of cleaning ensures that your baby's sleeping environment remains hygienic and free from potential allergens, promoting their health and well-being.

Ease of use

The “best” bedside crib is, of course, one that just, well, works… Ease of use is paramount when selecting a bedside crib for your baby.

Fortunately, bedside cribs shouldn’t need to be super complicated. Look for cribs with adjustable height settings, making it easy to match the crib's height with your own bed for convenient feeding and comforting during the night. Cribs with easy-to-operate side panels and drop-down mechanisms facilitate seamless access to your baby, particularly during nighttime diaper changes or soothing sessions. Consider cribs with a simple assembly procedure and sturdy construction to ensure hassle-free setup and long-term usability.

No matter how pretty or feature-packed, prioritising ease of use ensures that caring for your baby remains a straightforward and enjoyable experience, allowing you to focus on bonding and nurturing your little one.


A bedside crib which allows for easy movement around the house can be super helpful.

Look for cribs that have a detachable bassinet that doesn’t weigh the earth, making it easy to transport your baby from room to room without waking them (and, ideally, to have a rocking mechanism or similar comforting movement when placed on the floor).

An optional second set of legs can be extra-nice, allowing it to act as a fully-functional standalone crib in multiple rooms. Portability ensures that you can maintain a safe and familiar sleeping environment for your baby wherever you are.

The world's best bedside crib - the Alora Bedside Crib
An extra set of legs is an optional add-on for maximum convenience around the house

Service & support (including end-of-use collection)

These are often overlooked considerations when deciding which is the “best bedside crib” for you and your baby.

Look for cribs that offer comprehensive customer support, including clear assembly instructions and responsive assistance in case of any issues or questions.

Additionally, enquire about the manufacturer's policies regarding end-of-use collection or recycling options for the crib once your baby has outgrown it, if that’s important to you.

Ensure that you have access to assistance throughout the lifespan of the crib, from setup to eventual retirement, providing peace of mind, built-in convenience, and an overall positive experience for you and your baby.

Number of features 

While considering which is the best bedside crib for you and your baby, it's wise to be mindful of the features it offers.

While some additional features may seem attractive, it's essential not to be swayed by quantity over quality. Instead, focus on features that genuinely enhance the crib's functionality and safety for your baby.

Simple, well-thought-out features such as adjustable height settings or natural materials may offer more practical benefits than a multitude of bells and whistles.

While a specific feature might make a particular bedside crib the best for you, in general prioritising quality over quantity helps ensure that your baby's needs will be met without compromising on robustness or safety.

What does Alora mean by “best”?

The world's best bedside crib - the Alora Bedside Crib
Not just marketing - the Alora Bedside Crib is the best crib for the planet

We regularly say that the Alora Bedside Crib is the world’s best bedside crib, and hopefully it’s clear what we mean by this - that it’s the best bedside crib for the planet. It’s the world’s most sustainable bedside crib, designed for minimal environmental impact. 

This is why Alora was founded, and it’s a message we don’t want to dilute in any way. (Yes, a new Alora Bedside Crib is even better than a second-hand crib in almost every case - which sounds counterintuitive, we know, but you can understand why here).

This massive improvement in environmental impact is achieved through the amazing power of the circular economy - meaning 93% of the materials in the Alora Bedside Crib are re-utilised as part of a kind, beautiful circular manufacturing process. 

But this circular approach also allows the Alora Bedside Crib to gain a pretty serious boost in quality. Because so much of the material is harnessed in this circular way, it allows a much higher-grade product to be produced at a similar price point to a “take-make-dispose” model. Which is a really, really nice “secondary” outcome.

(Plus, the buy-back guarantee means you don’t have to worry about what to do with your Alora Bedside Crib when you’re done with it - keep your attic uncluttered and embrace that minimalist life, all while helping the environment). 

Is the Alora Bedside Crib the best bedside crib for you? Only you can decide - but if you decide it is, welcome! It's great to have you on board.


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