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Safe co-sleeping with your newborn

As new parents embark on the journey of parenthood, the topic of co-sleeping inevitably arises. It's a subject steeped in opinions, advice, and, at times, confusion. Understanding what constitutes safe co-sleeping is crucial for the well-being of both parent and baby.

safe co-sleeping with newborn
The Alora Bedside Crib provides safety and convenience

Let's delve into the nuances, exploring the definition of co-sleeping, what's considered safe, and why bedside crib made of natural materials can offer an optimal solution both for you and your newborn.

Firstly, what does the term "co-sleeping" even mean? Co-sleeping encompasses a range of sleeping arrangements where a parent and baby share the same sleep space. This can include bed-sharing, or room-sharing with a separate sleep surface such as a bedside crib. Each approach has its benefits and potential risks.

When it comes to safety, experts emphasise the importance of following guidelines to reduce the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) and other sleep-related accidents. The UK NHS recommends room-sharing with a separate sleep surface for the baby as the safest option, particularly for the first six months. This approach allows parents to monitor their baby while minimising the risk of accidents associated with bed-sharing - and also allows new mums and dads to get worry-free sleep during those all-important first months. It's important to note that opinions on matters of newborn sleep do change periodically - so it's always worth doing your own research.

Bed-sharing, while common in many cultures, is associated with an increased risk of accidental suffocation and overheating - amongst other things, soft bedding and pillows can pose hazards to newborns.

This is where bedside cribs shine. These innovative sleep solutions offer the perfect compromise between closeness, safety, and comfortable convenience. Designed to attach securely to the side of the parents' bed at the same height, bedside cribs provide a separate but adjoined sleep surface for the baby, while allowing easy access for feeding and soothing. With breathable mesh walls and firm mattresses, they create a safe sleeping environment that reduces the risk of accidental suffocation and overheating.

Bedside cribs still promote bonding between parent and baby, fostering a sense of closeness without the inherent risks of bed-sharing. Parents can monitor their baby's breathing and movements with ease, offering reassurance throughout the night. By keeping the baby within arm's reach, nighttime feedings become less disruptive, promoting better sleep for both parent and child.

How you choose to sleep with your baby is your decision - and opinions on the matter do change periodically. What's certain is that a bedside crib offers a safe, comfortable and convenient way of getting the benefits of co-sleeping without the hassle and potential safety concerns of bed-sharing.

Give your newborn the very best start in life with a bedside crib made of natural wood and organic cotton, kind to both your baby and the planet.


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