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When you buy the Alora Eco-Crib, you get an Alora Natural Mattress with it, but sometimes it's convenient to have a whole spare mattress for your Alora Eco-Crib.


The Alora Natural Mattress core is 100% natural. Coconut coir, sheep’s wool and natural cotton ensure your baby is comfortable, cool, and free from nasty chemicals.


We always recommend you consult the NHS best practices for sleeping babies before using any product - including Alora products.

Extra Alora Natural Mattress

VAT Included
    • The most practical natural mattress available.
    • One medium and one firm side to give your baby optimal support
    • Natural core of coconut coir wrapped in hypoallergenic lambs wool providing your baby with the most healthy sleep possible.
    • 100% natural and biodegradable
    • Conforms to the latest British Standards BS 7177:2008+A1:2011 and BS 16890:2017+A1:2021
    • Conforms to BS 16890:2017+A1:2021
    • Dimensions 760 x 400 x 30 mm
    • Weight Xkg
    • The mattress cover is washable.
    • The mattress core is not washable. 
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