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The Alora guaranteed buyback scheme

100% guaranteed repurchase to make the circular model turn

When you buy an Alora Bedside Crib, we, Alora Baby Ltd, are entering into an agreement with you that guarantees you can sell your crib back to us with no hassle when you're done with it.

Below we have included a summary of the buyback guarantee (in normal language!), but to read the full, legal document, including all the terms and conditions, please click here.

Summary of Alora's buyback guarantee:

The Alora buyback guarantee applies only to the Bedside Crib and to the Extra Set of Legs. The guarantee is valid for three years from the original purchase date and applies only to the original purchaser. In other words, if you sell the product (i.e. the crib or extra set of legs) on to someone else, we can't buy it back from them.


To qualify, the product must be bought directly from us (i.e., it can't have been bought on a second hand marketplace), and it must be in an acceptable condition. We don't mean that is has to be in pristine condition - we understand that there will be use marks and wear and tear. We just mean that it has to be reasonably cared for. We will ask you to confirm that it is in acceptable condition, and we will ask for a few photos to support this. 

To be eligible, you would need to initiate the buy back of the product within three years of the order date , and the collection date which you arrange with us must be within 1 month of the initiation date. The amount that we would buy back from you changes each year up to the end of the third year and is shown in the table below. After the third year, we will take the crib back from you if you no longer want it (and we can still arrange for its collection), but we won't be able to pay you for it.


To initiate the buyback, you can either log in to your account on the Alora website, or you can contact our customer services.

We will cover the cost of collection, but you will be responsible for successful delivery. In other words, when you agree a collection date with us, it is your responsibility to make sure that you are available, with the crib ready to be picked up, on that date. If we are unable to collect the crib on the agreed collection date, we will request a missed collection fee of £20 (yes, that's how much it costs us to pick up your crib!). We can reschedule the collection if you still want us to buy back the crib.

Ideally, you will have kept the cardboard box that the crib came in (perhaps it could fit flat under your bed, while you're using the crib), and you will fold the legs, place them in the bassinet, and package the crib within the (or any suitable) box. If a product is lost or damaged during transit due to your actions, for example, failure to take due care to pack the crib correctly, fees may apply which may be taken from the buy back purchase price.

After receiving the product, we will inspect it to confirm its condition and, assuming that it's condition is as expected, you will receive a confirmation email, where we will ask for your bank details for us to pay you.

If the condition is not as expected, we may propose a reduced buyback price. In this case, if you are not happy with our proposed price, you will have the option to arrange for return of the crib to you, at your own cost, or request disposal by us. However, if the condition is very bad contrary to your confirmation that the condition was acceptable, you will still have the option to arrange return of the crib to you, at your own cost, or request disposal by us, but we may propose no buyback at all, and we may request a wasted collection fee of £20. We really don't want to do this, but we have to include this in our guarantee to protect ourselves from paying to get back an unusable product. In either of these cases, we will include an explanation as to why we don't believe that the condition is as expected.

The guarantee is a legal document so whatever the guarantee says, at the time that you purchase the crib, applies to you and your crib from then on (we'll email you a copy of the guarantee at the time that you purchase your crib). We may change the guarantee at any time, but that will not change the guarantee which applies to you, which will be the one which in force at the time of your purchase, and which will be emailed to you with the confirmation of your order.

The terms are governed by the laws of England and Wales. If you have any questions about this you can refer to our FAQs or contact our customer services.

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