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The world's most sustainable bedside crib, designed and made in the UK.


Covered by the Alora buyback guarantee - free collection and money back when you're finished with it - making the circular approach work for the whole planet.


Made of premium natural materials, with all the features you need in a bedside crib and none that you don't. The Alora Bedside crib is powered by a beautiful, circular ecosystem - resulting in a radically better, radically kinder product for you and the planet.


We always recommend you consult the NHS best practices for sleeping babies before using any product - including Alora products.

The Alora Bedside Crib

VAT Included
  • The Alora Bedside Crib comes with the Alora Natural Mattress -  Coconut coir, lambswool, 100% bidegradeable. The perfect start in life for your new baby.

    Suitable for children 0 - 6months old and weighing less than 9kg. Not suitable for children that are starting to sit, roll, or pull themselves up, even if under 6 months.


    Suitable for use as a bedside crib with double, queen, king or super king sized beds with a top of mattress height of 540 to 760mm above the floor. Only suitable for beds that have a mattress separate from the frame or base such as a divan, traditional bed frame or ottoman bed. It is not suitable for bedside use with water beds, beds with protruding frames, sofa beds, folding beds, or futons.

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